Why Coding, AI & Experiential Learning for Kids ?

Coding, AI & Experiential Learning have become the basic literacy in the digital age. Coding is considered as one of the crucial tools to develop the key 21st-century skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Computational Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving etc.

Coding, AI & Experiential Learning are now widely accepted as a part of the integrated learning worldwide. It helps children become better problem-solvers, logical thinkers and excel in the futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Top Skills in Demand

Coding, Ai & Experimental Learning can help children acquire all the 21st century skills

Analytical thinking and Innovation

Active Learning and Learning strategies

Complex Problem Solving

Critical thinking and Analysis

Creativity, originality and initiative

Leadership and social influence

Technology design and programming

Reasoning problem-solving and ideation

Design Thinking Approach

What is Coding Connect ?

Coding Connect is a futuristic platform with a vision to build an ecosystem for amplifying the 21st-Century skills among K-12 students. It will act as an enabler for the students to be able to become the Creators of Tomorrow.


Our coding platform is designed specifically for the kids. Students will be able to build amazing projects and come up with out of the box solutions.


Our LMS allows students and teachers to explore the world of coding on their own. Students will be automatically graded, and teachers will be able to track their progress.


We offer progressive curriculum for the students, designed after extensive research and in collaboration with reputed professors, educationists and psychologists.

What Do Students Build on Coding Connect?

Coding Connect will empower students to think out of the box and become problem-solvers of 21st-century. Through our structured lessons, students and teachers will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of coding like Sequencing, Loops, Algorithmic Intelligence, explore the possibilities and understand the core of Artificial Intelligence and involve in project-based learning methodologies through Experiential Learning. This will be able to develop futuristic skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking, Cognitive Skills and many more.

Our Methodology

CIC Approach or Consumer – Innovator – Creator Approach, is our proprietary methodology, designed through our extensive experience in EdTech industry. Our unique methodology enables the students to evolve from Consumers into Innovators and further into Creators. With exposure to Activity-based learning (ABL) and Project-based learning (PBL), students gradually become capable of innovating, bringing a change to the world and going through a continuous process of skill enrichment in their entire journey.

Our Curriculum is designed keeping in mind the elementary steps of Design Thinking approach. Design thinking is a process of creative problem solving, and key to the way Tinker Coders designs the curriculum and methodology for instruction.

What Can Tinker Coders Do For Our School?

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